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SICK Barcode Scanners

The CLV42x series is a fixed focus barcode reader used in applications requiring large depth of field. The CLV42x’s compact design makes it ideal for applications where space is limited, without sacrificing speed or dependability. With read rates up to 1200 scans per second, this bar code scanner has excellent reading performance even at high transport speeds.

The CLV430, CLV431 and CLV432 series of bar code scanners offer fixed focus optics, long reading distances and great depth of field in a compact, IP 65-rated housing. The CLV43x series was designed to optimize throughput by incorporating innovative features into a compact housing.

The CLV44x series of bar code scanners offer dynamic focus control, long reading distances and great depth of field. This compact IP 65-rated bar code scanner series offers SMART code recognition technology ensuring accurate read rates, even with damaged or poorly printed codes.

SICK’s miniature line of bar code scanners are barely larger than a USB plug and can easily be installed where space is extremely limited. The CLV50x series is also easy to configure via its online tool and configuration bar codes. These mini bar code scanners boast excellent decoding performance, with a large depth of field that allows for flexibility in your application.

The CLV62x series of bar code scanners are compact, powerful tools for a wide range of logistics applications. Speed, power, flexibility and ease of use are the features that define the CLV62x family. The CLV62x combines high reading performance with the SMART620 code reconstruction system, a reading algorithm that can accurately detect bar codes even if they are damaged or partially covered.