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CLV440, CLV442

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All SICK 4XX series scanners are now being quoted and replaced with the SICK 6xx series scanners. Please contact us for replacements or upgrades for existing 4xx series scanners.

CLV 440 Variations

  • CLV440 Standard Density
  • CLV442 High Density

Product description

The CLV44x series of bar code scanners offer dynamic focus control, long reading distances and great depth of field. This compact IP 65-rated bar code scanner series offers SMART code recognition technology ensuring accurate read rates, even with damaged or poorly printed codes. The reflector-polling feature eliminates the need for additional triggering sensors. And, the dynamic focus control feature allows the CLV44x series to accommodate a large depth of field by dynamically adjusting its focus position to the object distance. It is available in an oscillating mirror version for applications where the bar code label position varies. The oscillating mirror version can also be used in static applications where the bar code location is poorly defined.

At a glance

  • Dynamic focus control in real time
  • Reliable code recognition in real time using SMART technology
  • Immune to ambient light
  • Auto setup ensures automatic optimizing of reading performance
  • Reflector polling provides automatic triggering
  • Profile programming included
  • Adjustable scanning frequency up to
  • 800 scans per second

Your benefits

  • SMART-enhanced read rates enable better performance with damaged or poorly printed codes
  • Reliably reads bar codes with up to 30 degrees of tilt, increasing throughput
  • Dynamic focus control allows the scanner to accommodate a large depth of field by dynamically adjusting the focus to the object distance
  • No additional trigger light switch necessary due to the reflector polling function, reducing costs
  • Easy to configure
  • Short commissioning time
  • Reliable operation
  • Small size and simple setup enables fast installation, even in compact machines
  • Parameter cloning plug ensures very short MTTR