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*All SICK 4XX series scanners are now being quoted and replaced with the SICK 6xx series scanners. Please contact us for replacements or upgrades for existing 4xx series scanners.

*The CLV490 is the only scanner where this condition does not apply.

CLV 490 Variations

  • CLV490-0/1 Standard Density
  • CLV490-2/3 High Density
  • CLV490-6/7 Low Density front

Product description

The CLV490 series is ideal for the most demanding applications. It serves as the basis for OPS and ALIS systems and meets the highest industrial standards for a wide range of applications. The CLV490 ensures maximum read rates independent of tilt, even with small code heights. The scanner’s real-time auto focus function takes focusing to the next level. Because the focus position is automatically readjusted to varying distances over a large depth of field up to 32 inches, optimum reading results are achieved.

At a glance

  • Real-time auto focus function
  • Different versions ensure coverage for a variety of module widths
  • Label tilt from –45° to +45°
  • Smallest housing with auto focus and reading range up to 2.2 m
  • External parameter cloning plug
  • An oscillating mirror scanner is also available to cover larger reading areas
  • Optional internal heater
  • High scanning frequency of up to 1,200 Hz

Your benefits

  • No supplementary components necessary for changing focus position, reducing costs
  • Real-time auto focus provides the best coverage of applications with a large depth of field – even for small code heights
  • External parameter cloning plug ensures very short MTTR
  • SMART-enhanced read rates enable better performance with damaged or poorly printed codes