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CLV620, CLV621, CLV622

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CLV620 Variations

  • CLV620 Mid Range
  • CLV621 Long Range
  • CLV622 Short Range

Product description

The CLV62x series of bar code scanners are compact, powerful tools for a wide range of logistics applications. Speed, power, flexibility and ease of use are the features that define the CLV62x family. The CLV62x combines high reading performance with the SMART620 code reconstruction system, a reading algorithm that can accurately detect bar codes even if they are damaged or partially covered. These scanners are available with the standard serial or embedded Ethernet, including EtherNet/ IP communications. Other advanced features, like an embedded web server for remote diagnostics and reading performance statistics give the CLV62x family the kind of high-end performance and flexibility usually expected in more costly scanners.

At a glance

  • CAN, Ethernet TCP/IP, and EtherNet/IP available on board, no additional gateway needed (depending on variant)
  • SMART620 code reconstruction technology
  • Flexible sorting, filtering, and logical functions
  • Advanced, easy-to-use SOPAS configuration software
  • High scanning frequency of up to 1,200 Hz
  • Small housing
  • Advanced remote diagnostics and network monitoring capabilities available over Ethernet
  • IP 65 rated

Your benefits

  • High read rate on damaged and obscured codes using SMART620 code recognition technology
  • Increased scanner intelligence enables sophisticated configuration of logical operations, reducing the control system programming effort. Data is then delivered in the desired format
  • No supplementary Ethernet gateway required with Ethernet models – lowers costs
  • The CLV62x scanner can be used as a multiplexer in any CAN scanner network from SICK – no supplementary multiplexer necessary
  • Real-time decoding at very high speeds
  • Small size and simple setup enables fast installation, even in compact machines