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IT3800g, IT3800i, IT3820, IT3820i

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IT3800 Variations

  • IT3800g
  • IT3800i
  • IT3820
  • IT3820i

Product description

The IT38xx series of linear hand-held barcode scanners use the latest imaging technology available, which can decode all standard 1D codes. They are built to withstand drops, vibration and extreme temperatures. High durability, plus excellent ergonomics and aggressive reading performance, make the IT38xx linear series the ideal choice for customers who appreciate best-in-class value.

At a glance

  • Fast and reliable decoding even on poorly printed or partly damaged codes
  • Scan rate up to 270 scans/second
  • Reading distance up to 2 m, depending on model
  • Depending on version, up to IP 54 enclosure rating

Your benefits

  • Reliable identification reduces the need to manually input data
  • High scanning speeds and aggressive reading performance increase productivity
  • Highly dependable thanks to rugged housing and non-moving parts
  • Its ergonomic design makes handling convenient and comfortable
  • A range of versions provide flexibility for use in varied applications