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ICR803-A, ICR803-B

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ICR803 Variations

  • ICR803-A Smart Focus
  • ICR803-B Standard Range

Product description

The ICR803 is an image code reader family for 1D and 2D codes. It includes LED illumination, imaging technology, and a RS-232 or USB interface in a compact housing. It can read all popular linear, stacked, 2D, and GS1 (RSS) codes, as well as image acquisition – the ICR803 can read codes in any orientation. Because of its omni-directional capabilities, a defined code adjustment is not necessary. The ICR803 series can be integrated in different devices, such as robot systems, access controls and point-of-sale terminals. The ICR803 can be triggered manually, using “presentation mode,” or be controlled via serial commands.

At a glance

  • Omni-directional code reading
  • Optical alignment
  • Extremely compact
  • Lightweight
  • USB and RS-232 versions
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant
  • Triggering via button, presentation mode, serial commands or hardware trigger via SICK connection technology

Your benefits

  • Fast and reliable 1D and 2D code identification
  • Read multiple code types with one device, accommodating future code changes
  • Easy and fast installation and configuration
  • No moving parts and a large reading field reduce adjustments
  • Small size makes it easy to integrate in limited spaces