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ICR850, ICR852, ICR855

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ICR85x Variations

  • ICR850-2B Standard Range
  • ICR852-2A High Density
  • ICR855-2A High Speed

Product description

The ICR850-2 image code reader family has a large field of view, making it easier to capture multiple codes at the same time. This helps ensure higher throughput and better traceability of 1D and 2D codes. Its high-resolution chip enables the scanner to read smaller codes – up to 3 mils. It has omni-directional reading and integrated illumination ideal for detecting low contrast, laser-etched codes on printed circuit boards and high-speed document handling. Three model variants offer an ideal solution for different types of applications where the product is moving, such as electronics (PCB), document handling, and packaging.

At a glance

  • Omni-directional identification of up to 50 codes, e.g., circuit board with multiple codes
  • Easy trigger handling, codes are identified on the fly
  • Large reading field
  • High-speed reader
  • High resolution

Your benefits

  • Large field of view captures codes in different positions without having to adjust the mounting of the reader
  • High-speed, reliable decoding of low contrast, direct part marked codes, even on moving objects
  • Reads codes in real-time without stopping the conveyor, increasing throughput
  • Industrial IP 65 housing for rough environmental conditions
  • Easy configuration via graphical user interface, saves time
  • Omni-directional identification of 1D and 2D codes makes it possible to identify objects that are not aligned
  • A wide variety of resolutions and reading distances provide a solution for any application